Environment and CSR


Commitment to the Environment

Our commitment to our customers is strongly bonded to a responsible use of resources and to the preservation of the environment, with which we responsibly collaborate.

We work under international principles that make sure we go along a path of continuous improvement in our products’ quality as well as in the services we get.

For over 10 years we have endorsed the Environment’s Responsible Care Programme backed by the Uruguayan Chamber of Industry.

Responsible Environmental Care Guiding Principles

1 – Responding to community´s enquiries regarding products and the operations these involve.

2 – Developing and manufacturing products able to be safely transported, used and disposed of.

3 – Making health, safety and environmental considerations a priority both when planning all products, existing and new ones, as well as staff training.

4 – Quickly informing authorities, employees, clients and the community about health and environmental risks and protective measures to be adopted in case of accidents involving manufactured products.

5 – Advising clients and users on the safe use, transportation and final disposal of products.

6 – Running plants and facilities in a way in which our workforce and community´s environment, health and safety are protected.

7 – Making knowledge of the effects of products, processes and waste on health, safety and the environment widespread by means of conducting or supporting research.

8 – Working towards solving problems arising from the management and disposal of dangerous substances.

9 – Actively supporting direct or indirect participation of the government and other public or private entities to create, propose and develop suitable legislation and norms aiming at protecting the community, the environment and workplaces.

10 – Promoting environmentally responsible care principles and practices (Responsible Care ™), sharing experiences and offering assistance to third-parties producing, manipulating, using, transporting or disposing of chemical substances.

These principles assure our processes are carefully designed and our raw materials are thoroughly chosen, collaborating to our society’s sustainable development.

Our process management is aimed at protecting our team’s integrity and health.

We have a solid, firm and responsible commitment to our community which is supported by several Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns.