Exportable Offer

We manufacture aerosols with YOUR BRAND

The company has many years’ experience in manufacturing aerosols for personal care, home care and insecticides. We supply the international market with high quality products with our own brands as well as with your brand (“private label”).

We develop packaging options that best suit your product. In addition, we supply – upon client’s request – design and fragrance election. We have a team of specialized professionals who aim at a continuous innovation and improvement in our products.



Personal Care:

  • Deodorants (men and women)
  • Antiperspirants (men and women)
  • Hair Spray
  • Shaving foam

Aerosol air fresheners

  • Various fragrances

Aerosol insecticides:

  • Fly and mosquitoes killer
  • Cockroaches killer
  • Moth killer
  • Repellents.

Also, ask about our cleaning and home care products.

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